For last ten years, I have done my very best to serve DPRK in great passion.

I did not hesitate to sacrifice my time, money, honour, effort, and family for the great fatherland and I was always proud of myself because I believed that I am doing right things for the entire Korean history. I was a man of belief who tried to rescue righteous Korean history from the wrong track which called US imperialism originated by Japanese colonialism. I have been working day and night without holidays and abandoned my jobs several times in order to work for the fatherland in maximum efficiency. I was not afraid of being abandoned by another fatherland - South Korea - and friends, family, and neighbours in South Korean community here in Europe. I was totally isolated by South Korean people and lost all contacts from my family in South Korea caused by my DPRK friendly behaviours but I did not stop to serve DPRK as I considered it the true fatherland, the pride of entire Korean history, the descendants of the glorious ancient Korean empire.


Since I was 13, North Korea always has been the dream land for me against unfair social corruptions and enslaved servile spirits of South Korea. I was madly in love with stories of Ryonkaesomun and warfare history of North Korea for last 5,000 years and I was so much fond of history books of North Korea during my childhood. My emotion was strongly attached to DPRK because the lives of our family in South Korea were miserable suffering hopeless poverty. My weak young spirit was brutally ruined by the social unfairness of South Korean ultra capitalism. I have seen tens of thousands people living like animals in poverty and my angers were growing with the hate of ultra capitalism. Since I was 16, I wanted a red revolution to overcome the misery of life in South Korea. My life finally ended with South Korea when my father was killed by the system and my family was finally abandoned by other family members because my father was a socialist who did not make money for himself but spent everything he has for struggling with malicious South Korean politics, the dictatorial ultra capitalism under US imperialism.


When my father left us, it was raining, a heavy shower with thunder and lightning, and I was 18. I still remember how desperate we were when father died and his body was thrown in raining street because we did not have money to buy a small piece of land to bury him. I remember my grand mother and grand father were crying in cold raining street because my uncle denied to bury him at his land. My life wiped out with the rain and the cold raining day in autumn was my last memory in South Korea. I never considered South Korea as fatherland since the time. I am now 40 became father of three children but I still can not forgive South Korea and still suffering nightmares very often, bad dream about the horrors of childhood. I never told my children that their fatherland is South Korea but France. I left South Korea alone when I was 18 with 1,500 US dollar I owed from a relative and started a new life in France. My life in France was hard but never wanted to go back to South Korea and I rather preferred to die in French soil. France is my third fatherland gave me lots of opportunities of survival. France gave me wife and children along with happiness, which I never had in South Korea. It is such good to taste the happiness and I always thank France.


The happiness in France does not mean that I forgot all the miseries I experienced in South Korea. My anger was still like the volcano and a North Korean diplomat I met in Paris gave me a solution how to express my anger toward South Korea. I have visited PyongYang for the first time with him and learned lots of things about the real North Korea. Since I was 29, I have been involved in many industrial trades including financial transactions and military trades as well as other media activities including Voice of Korea. North Korea is a very special country, maybe too special beyond my historical knowledge. By Instinct, or by my father blood, I resist every kind of authoritarianism which against the rights of ordinary people. The rights of ordinary people always have been the measurement of the democracy in my life but the reality I saw in North Korea was what just against my political belief. DPRK must be a socialist state where the social equality must be guaranteed for everybody, and DPRK must be democratic state where ordinary people are the masters of the state because the state claims itself 'DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC'. I have seen ordinary people's life is hard and the national security has been long time political excuse over the poor status of ordinary people there. I must confess myself that I have been providing theories of excusing myself and DPRK regime which ignoring the facts of ordinary lives in DPRK. My behaviours of last 10 years are against my own belief but I continued walk on this road because I needed an exit for my anger and hate toward South Korea. I required ordinary North Korea people to be sacrifices of national security in my theory but I did not participate their miserable lives myself. I must confess myself that I am such coward and one of the most hypocritical figures in modern Korean history. My fictitious behaviours are also against my religious conscience as I am a Roman Catholic and I ask lord a forgiveness.


I still believe Korea should have full independence from USA and must be forever independent from its influences. My confession does not mean that George W Bush's war policy against North Korea is a right one because Bush himself is the one who against ordinary people's rights in USA and other nations. However, Anti-George W Bush does not mean that Kim Jung Il regime's political excuse - The national security - over poor lives of North Korean people is righteous. I know that there are many possible and realistic negotiations and arrangements between the two extremes - American extreme and North Korean extreme - but the negotiations will have great flexibility when Democratic People's Republic of Korea became the real democratic people's republic without non-democratic authoritarianism. The current regime is not the leader of people but the royal family rules over the people. This should changed into democratic elections and extended freedom of speech. People's lives must be chosen by people's favours, not by the dictatorial system. I remember that South Korea was exactly like that when I left the country long ago. However, I do not want USA rules over DPRK because I saw how Iraq and Afghanistan became under US rules. My resistance to DPRK politics has nothing to do with USA and I express the same resistance to US imperialism as well.


In 2007 this new year, I became 40 and I need to admit that it is now the time to forget all things behind of the curtain. I shall erase all my bad memories about South Korea and must face the new future of my children and children of Korea. I should not be the victim of anger, should not be the sacrifice of hate as long as it makes North Korean ordinary people becoming another sacrifices of my own. I today officially declare that I stop all supports for DPRK regime and will do the same supports for North Korean ordinary people instead. This declaration will surely result myself being abandoned by DPRK government just like I have been abandoned by South Korea government before.


I regret my life with DPRK government for last 10 years but will not repeat the same mistake again in future. For last 10 years, I have learned lots of things that threatening DPRK is not the solution to make the country better. USA's 'gun first' cowboy policy only makes the country worse and worse in my experience. US cowboy policy only makes DPRK people more and more solid against foreign invasions and this is their nature. This kind of forced situations only give DPRK regime benefits and driving ordinary people into poorer conditions. This is the reason why the national security became the political excuse of hardening ordinary people for last 6 decades. USA must study 5,000 years of North Korean history first before doing a rash thing. Mr. Bush may against non-democratic dictatorial state but he should know that himself is non-democratic as well. He should choose a democratic solution which is not radical, unlikely Iraqi war. USA should allow DPRK to freely trade with USA and other nations and let the country make money in legal businesses and industries. I tell you what. The only possible method of changing DPRK is MONEY. Let them normally trade with USA and the rest of the world and they will taste the power of money that brings better life and improvements. When people taste sweets, then they will never go back to the bitterness. Remember. The country only can be changed by its own people which is the internal factor, but will never by USA which is the external factor. That's Korea.


I also need to announce that ROCK FOR PEACE will be suspended along with myself. It was my passion to bring rock festival into North Korea but I decided not to continue on this project because I know full details of the event, the reasons, the purposes, the backgrounds, everything. The reason why I abandon the event is because the event was politically designed which gives more pains to ordinary people but more benefits to the regime. The event was designed to generate westernized reputations over the current isolated image of the regime. I have generated lots of reactions from world medias and I was about to use them in order to generate new political images for internal and external political purposes. It has been also designed to make more money while UN sanction is restricting DPRK rulers. I am pretty much sure that the money I create from this project will not benefit ordinary people but only gives political fund for ruling minority only. I have been interviewing with world medias about this project and consistently gave political arguments that WE ARE NOT ISOLATED but forced to be isolated by USA. I also gave lots of excuses while the interviews but I must confess that all I said are lies. I confess that DPRK is isolated, not forced to be isolated, and the reason of isolation is not the national security toward the independence. The true reason of the isolation is the security for the ruling minority. I was the evil painter who painted fake images over the true phenomenon.


USA should know that small amount of this kind of illegal money flow only feed the ruling minority who make ordinary people fall into worse conditions for their own sakes. But large scale of regular free trade at national level will make ordinary people awaken from internal darkness because they will taste the differences from outside world. The regime will be unable to control people when people are massively moving forward to make money for themselves. Do not threat them. It only makes them be cautious and this kind of tension only drive ordinary people fall into the famine and death. Let them trade freely and legally. I dare to say that they will never go back to the past when start to make money. The solution is not GUN but MONEY but do not give them money but allow them make money by themselves.


I will spend my rest of life for the freedom of ordinary people in North Korea, not for the regime. I appreciate if any of you give me an opportunity to join with certain movement whether political or non-political for the purpose.


I am soon starting a small phone shop here in London selling mobile phones and I am very happy to come back to the normal civilian society. It has been very long time that I was away from the society. It is very nice to have a normal job like this though I am not sure for the success of this business. For symbolic purposes, I will use the web site of Voice of Korea as the web site of my phone shop. I think that it will be better not to shut down this web site for people to read my confession and know more about North Korea in free conversation with me though it is funny to see mobile phones soon here at the same place.


After 10 years' long journey to wrong directions, I am very afraid of coming back to the society but will do my best to make <normal money> for my own family. I feel very sorry for the musicians who applied for ROCK FOR PEACE but better this way to stop right now.


Happy New Year for all of you.




London, United Kingdom